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The Safe and Sound Protocol. 


The Safe and Sound Protocol, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, is a non-invasive therapeutic tool designed to both calm the nervous system and stimulate the vagus nerve. This evidence-based intervention reshapes neural pathways through vagus nerve stimulation, employing an inside-out, bottom-up approach to healing.


Applicable to all age groups, from children to adults, the SSP has proven effective in addressing trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences, and more. This five-hour auditory intervention not only activates the social engagement system but also expedites therapeutic outcomes, fostering physiological state regulation and enhancing overall resilience.


The Polyvagal Theory helps us understand the impact of our sense of safety, danger, or life-threat on behaviour, dissecting the intricate interplay within the body and nervous system.


This theoretical framework offers a scientific foundation for implementing physiological, or "bottom-up," therapies that can positively alter how we feel, think, and connect with others.


To explore the potential benefits of the SSP for yourself or a loved one, please reach out via email to schedule a session.


Integrated Listening Systems (iLS) Focus.


The iLS Focus is an evidence-based therapeutic tool for all ages, using music and movement to support brain integration, addressing motor, sensory, and neurodevelopmental challenges. It employs a multi-sensory approach, stimulating the vestibular system to enhance neuroplasticity and reshape neuronal pathways. This tool not only strengthens the nervous system but also promotes the growth of new neurological pathways.


Using air and bone conduction headphones, the iLS delivers specially filtered music, exciting the vagus nerve and stimulating the Autonomic Nervous System. It includes movement and cognitive activities tailored to individual needs. The system has lasting benefits, improving cognitive skills, concentration, memory, emotional regulation, anxiety, social engagement, focus, attention, spatial awareness, sensory and auditory processing, reading, and writing.


The iLS offers unique programs, each tailored to individual needs:


1. Sensory and Motor Program (60 one-hour sessions): Addresses sensory integration, spatial awareness, motor planning, language acquisition, and hypersensitivity.

2. Concentration and Attention Program (40 one-hour sessions): Enhances mental alertness through a blend of high and low-frequency stimulation.

3. Reading and Auditory Processing Program (40 one-hour sessions): Targets language areas, aiding decoding, phonics, auditory processing, sequencing, and speed processing.

4. Optimal Performance I and II Program (24 one-hour sessions each): Designed for teenagers and adults to access higher cognitive centers, improving creativity, motivation, inspiration, productivity, and processing speed.

5. Calming Program (10 one-hour sessions): Helps with sensory difficulties, anxiety, stress, and sleep improvement; suitable before or after other programs.



Health and Nutrition Coaching 

Are you struggling to balance the demands of daily life while prioritising your health and wellness?

As a registered Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, I understand the challenges you're facing.

That's why I offer tailored remote coaching services to empower you on your journey to achieving and maintaining your health goals.


My coaching approach revolves around you – your unique needs, preferences, and aspirations. I believe in fostering lasting lifestyle changes that not only help you reach your objectives but also ensure sustained well-being in the long run.


Life can get chaotic, leading us to neglect our self-care amidst the hustle and bustle. But it doesn't have to be that way. Together, we'll devise a personalised plan that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. We'll identify your motivations, set achievable goals, and establish self-care practices that align with your values.


With my holistic approach, you'll not only learn how to nourish your body and sustain your energy levels but also cultivate habits that promote overall well-being. Let's uncover any obstacles in your path and develop strategies to overcome them.


Prioritise your health and well-being today. Let's work together to discover your purpose, align with your values, and create a life that reflects your goals and aspirations. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to empowerment – it's time to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Certified Empowered Eating Coach

Welcome to Empowered Eating Coaching, where I guide and support individuals in liberating themselves from the confines of traditional diet culture. With a focus on a trauma-informed approach, I recognise the profound impact past experiences may have on your relationship with food, body image, and your nervous system.


Together, we'll redefine nourishment beyond mere sustenance, transforming it into a source of joy, empowerment, and self-compassion. Through personalised guidance, I will help to empower you to break free from societal norms, encouraging you to ditch the scales and embrace a holistic approach to wellness.


By cultivating a deeper connection with food, body, and your nervous system, you'll begin to tune into your innate wisdom, fostering a harmonious relationship built on trust and self-love. Unlike traditional nutrition coaching, my approach transcends mere dietary advice; it's a transformative journey towards reclaiming autonomy and rediscovering the joy of eating.


I tailor coaching packages specifically to your needs, ensuring a personalized and effective experience. Let's embark on this journey together towards a healthier, happier you.


Trauma Informed Mental Health Coaching

As a Trauma-informed Mental Health Coach, I offer a fresh approach to mental health and wellbeing that acknowledges the interconnectedness of body and mind. During my sessions, we may explore past events, but our primary focus is on empowering you to set goals for the present and future, providing a safe space to process experiences. Central to this approach is understanding how trauma disrupts the nervous system, affecting both physiological and emotional wellbeing.


My coaching integrates education on neuroception and interoception, enabling clients to recognise signs of hypervigilance or hypoarousal and equipping them with the tools needed to reconnect with themselves. Understanding the nervous system and its role in mental health is crucial for healing.


The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) can complement my coaching sessions by promoting feelings of safety and calm, facilitating neural pathway strengthening. Additionally, nutritional support is available, recognising the mind-body connection.


With a proven track record of assisting individuals facing a range of challenges including anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, long COVID, selective mutism, ADHD, chronic stress, and gut issues, I tailor a unique package for each client. Together, we navigate your health and wellbeing journey, fostering resilience and empowerment on the path to healing.


Support for Selective Mutism 

Welcome to my dedicated space for Selective Mutism support and education. As a parent intimately familiar with the challenges of Selective Mutism (SM) and living with ADHD, I've spent over a decade researching and navigating solutions. Drawing from personal experience and extensive study, I offer bespoke services tailored to your needs:


- Coaching: Personalised guidance to navigate the complexities of SM.

- Gradual Exposure: Gentle, step-by-step desensitisation to anxiety-provoking situations.

- The Safe and Sound Protocol: Utilising innovative techniques to regulate the nervous system.

- Nutritional Support: Incorporating Daily Essential Nutrients for holistic well-being.

- Individualised Educational Plans: Assisting with tailored strategies for academic success.

- Presentations and Talks: Educating schools, families, and individuals on SM awareness and strategies.


Communication channels include email, video calls, telephone, text, or in-person meetings. No matter where you are based in the world I can support you. Together, we'll explore the holistic approach of addressing SM, encompassing the nervous system and gut health, alongside gradual exposure techniques. My compassionate, non-judgmental approach aims to empower individuals and families on their journey towards overcoming Selective Mutism. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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