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Integrated Listening Systems (iLS) Focus.

The integrated Listening System Focus is an evidence-based therapeutic tool for all ages, using music and movement to support brain integration, addressing motor, sensory, and neurodevelopmental challenges. It employs a multi-sensory approach, stimulating the vestibular system to enhance neuroplasticity and reshape neuronal pathways. This tool not only strengthens the nervous system but also promotes the growth of new neurological pathways.


Using air and bone conduction headphones, the iLS delivers specially filtered music, exciting the vagus nerve and stimulating the Autonomic Nervous System. It includes movement and cognitive activities tailored to individual needs. The system has lasting benefits, improving cognitive skills, concentration, memory, emotional regulation, anxiety, social engagement, focus, attention, spatial awareness, sensory and auditory processing, reading, and writing.


The iLS offers unique programs, each tailored to individual needs:


1. Sensory and Motor Program (60 one-hour sessions): Addresses sensory integration, spatial awareness, motor planning, language acquisition, and hypersensitivity.

2. Concentration and Attention Program (40 one-hour sessions): Enhances mental alertness through a blend of high and low-frequency stimulation.

3. Reading and Auditory Processing Program (40 one-hour sessions): Targets language areas, aiding decoding, phonics, auditory processing, sequencing, and speed processing.

4. Optimal Performance I and II Program (24 one-hour sessions each): Designed for teenagers and adults to access higher cognitive centers, improving creativity, motivation, inspiration, productivity, and processing speed.

5. Calming Program (10 one-hour sessions): Helps with sensory difficulties, anxiety, stress, and sleep improvement; suitable before or after other programs.


I deliver the Integrated Listening System in person, in Hamilton. The iLS is suitable for all ages and is a gentle non-invasive protocol which helps to retune the nervous system while promoting neuroplasticity.  


Contact me today to learn more about this amazing protocol and how it may help you or your child.

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