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Image by Kelly Sikkema

Certified Empowered Eating Coach

Welcome to Empowered Eating Coaching, where I guide and support individuals in liberating themselves from the confines of traditional diet culture. With a focus on a trauma-informed approach, I recognise the profound impact past experiences may have on your relationship with food, body image, and your nervous system.


Together, we'll redefine nourishment beyond mere sustenance, transforming it into a source of joy, empowerment, and self-compassion. Through personalised guidance, I will help to empower you to break free from societal norms, encouraging you to ditch the scales and embrace a holistic approach to wellness.


By cultivating a deeper connection with food, body, and your nervous system, you'll begin to tune into your innate wisdom, fostering a harmonious relationship built on trust and self-love. Unlike traditional nutrition coaching, my approach transcends mere dietary advice; it's a transformative journey towards reclaiming autonomy and rediscovering the joy of eating.


I tailor coaching packages specifically to your needs, ensuring a personalised and effective experience. Let's embark on this journey together towards a healthier, happier you.

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